No Disposables Thursday

No Disposables Thursday


When? The No Disposables Thursday policy is in effect every Thursday.

Why? No Disposables Thursday aims to reduce the amount of styrofoam and paper waste that students generate.

How? Canteen vendors do not allow students to pack food in Cornware nor Styrofoam boxes on Thursday. Students are also not allowed to buy drinks in disposable plastic cups.

On other days of the week, boxes cost $0.20 each. Plans are underway to modify this proposal, to increase its impact on the student population and help to further reduce waste generated in the school.

We also encourage CCAs which buy packed lunches or dinners from school for their CCA sessions to bring their own lunchboxes and pass them to the canteen vendors to pack their food.

If you have any suggestions for this policy, do leave us feedback at our Contact Us page!