Clean and Green Week 2019

This year’s Clean and Green Week aimed to provide a vibrant, comprehensive and meaningful experience, encompassing a variety of appeals and aspects of environmental action. There were a variety of activities and events aimed at engaging the school community. 

Exhibition @ Inner Plaza

The exhibition at the Inner Plaza consisted of segments that confronted environmental issues and engaged the school community in diverse and unique ways.

The innovative sensory exhibit effectively conveyed the implications of climate change and environmental degradation by allowing students to experience them for themselves, and instilled a greater awareness within students of the environmental issues we face within the modern landscape. 

Sight — A sandbox equipped with a fan simulated the lack of visibility as a result of air pollution and haze. 

Sound — headphones were provided to simulate the noise pollution experienced by traffic and construction in urban areas.

Touch — A heat lamp was used to simulate the increasing temperatures that we will be experiencing in urban landscapes due to global warming and the urban heat island effect.

The Chalkboard: Envisioning and protecting our future

Two questions were scribbled on: 

What would you like to do in your lifetime and what means the most to you? 

With a piece of chalk in hand and an endless imagination, students mapped out a diverse portrait of their future ambitions and what mattered to them. And with most of these responses, there was a prospect that could be threatened by climate change. And students were stimulated to think about how their personal lives were inextricably connected with the environment. 

Photo Collage: In 30 Years

Another quintessential component of the exhibition was the photo collage. Photos showcasing the impacts of climate change on animals, floral and fauna, air quality, resources and more. By creating a visual representation of the implications of climate change, this segment of the exhibition conveyed the importance of climate action to preserve the health of our planet and communities.

Targeting Corporations

In order to empower the school population , this year’s exhibition also included a segment where students could target corporations directly to create change. Students drafted emails to provide suggestions to corporations and food outlets on suggestions for waste-reduction, and encourage corporations who had made changes for the better by affirming their efforts. After students were done, they pasted a sticker on our email board — all the stickers together truly showed the collective might of the school population!

CT Session Sharings

In our mass CT session, our very own students addressed the school population, sharing their inspiring stories of motivation and change. Hearing personal stories and seeing change initiated by their own peers empowered the school population to consider doing their part for the environment as well.


Talked about his involvement in volunteering work pertaining to areas related to environmental waste while giving his personal insight into the waste situation with the aid of statistics


Gave a depressing (yet real) look into the global and long-lasting effects of climate change and how it will inadvertently, affect us


Gave her take on the environmental situation today, playing a video on the depressing state our plastic has ended up with the iconic plastic bird video (??!)

Kai Shun 

Shared about his involvement in starting green initiatives in Hwa Chong by kick-starting his presentation with a quote from a Spiderman movie.

Zyn Lee

Shared her motivations behind starting her strawfreesingapore movement and both the initial resistance to the idea, as well as, the later success on small scales.

Wear Green Day

As the name suggests, on wear green day students were encouraged to don a green shirt to school. A picture of this inspiring moment of school “green unity” was subsequently captured by a drone.

Switch off Aircon Day

On this day, students were encouraged to turn off the aircon for the entire day. This also helped towards the Aircon Policy for each class by adding to the hours required per week.

"Chlorofilm" Film Screening

The week of exciting activities was ended off with a relaxing night film screening of the beloved Studio Ghibli’s film “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”, a film depicting the struggle of Nausicaa to bring back peace to a post-apocalyptic planet by restoring the planet’s ecosystems.