Policy Establishment

Term 3 2015


All year round


To encourage the Hwa Chong population to reduce their usage of the air-conditioner and to increase the temperature of the air-conditioner to the recommended 25°C as much as possible.


Classes are required to switch off their air con for at least 4 hours of tutorial lessons a week. They are given the autonomy to choose which lessons to switch off the air-con on. Lessons that are already held in non air-conditioned venues, such as Lab Practicals and PE are not allowed to be counted. However, if the class’s tutorial lessons are held in Block B’s non air-conditioned classrooms, they can clock those hours.

Each class’s Green Representative is in charge of managing the class’s air-con usage. After each lesson, the Green Representatives are to key in the hours that the class has clocked on a Google Form and request that the teacher counter-sign with a password.

We encourage classes to switch off their air-con in the mornings, between 8am to 10am, when it is not as hot. We also encourage classes to switch off the air-con during and after it is raining, as the weather is cooler then. If classes are unable to hit the 4 hour target (such as if their lessons are frequently held in air-conditioned classrooms with no windows), their Green Representative should contact their Green Councillor in charge.

Classes are strongly discouraged from turning on both fan and air-con at the same time, especially for extended periods of time. This is a waste of electricity.