Here in Green Council, we are given the opportunity to propose different projects in order to improve the school environment!

We create new initiatives or change existing initiatives over the years so ensure that those initiatives stay relevant and applicable in the school.

Our current initiatives are listed below.

Location: A103 (Inner Plaza)

Operating Hours

Cutlery Bank is an initiative established with the purpose of providing cutlery to students or student organisations that are not keen on using disposable cutlery. Cutlery Bank is found in the Thrift Shop, but booking can be accessed online.

Greenterest is a portmanteau of the words “green” and “interest”. Established in 2018, this interest group consists of like-minded students who are keen on finding out different ways to conserve the environment.  

Stop! Food Waste is an initiative established in 2016 with the goal of reminding students the need to finish their food and not throw away portions unnecessarily.