What is Disposables Free Hwa Chong?

Beginning from last year (2018), the Hwa Chong college canteen has gone primarily disposable free!

Not only do canteen vendors not provide plastic straws, students will also have to bring their own container if they wish to takeaway food from the canteen. This greatly reduces the amount of waste generated in school.

The school cafe too does not provide straws to minimise wastage 🙂

However, there are still some stores that sell and use disposables…

What can YOU do to make Hwa Chong even more disposable-free?

Here are some suggestions when you buy food from the canteen/cafe:

– When buying bao or taking away small amounts of food, do remember to bring with you a small container so that you do not need to use disposables from the canteen vendors 🙂 If you don’t have one on hand, seek out the closest green councillor to borrow from our cutlery bank/ fill out the google form, it won’t take long!

– When buying drinks from the cafe, do consider bringing your own cup/bottle (BYO! :P) or loaning one from our cutlery bank ;D

– If you don’t have much choice but to use disposables, do remember to dispose of them appropriately into our general waste bins as food-contaminated waste is NOT recyclable. Thanks!