Greenterest Diet consists of passionate environment enthusiasts who advocate for more sustainable lifestyles and diets. They have rolled out many initiatives to motivate and educate others on adopting vegetarian diets, which not only has positive impacts on the environment, but reaps numerous health benefits as well.

HC 素 Week

The most notable event organised by Greenterest Diet (and other students who joined in the cause!) this year was HC 素 Week. The event promoted flexitarianism, an innovative and more flexible form of vegetarianism that promotes meat reduction but does not require full meat elimination. The Greenterest members voluntarily spent months choreographing the exhibition and social media campaign. For the exhibition Greenterest diet designed an interactive pledge board for meat reduction, interviewed our very own vegetarian Hwa Chong students and teachers for their personal stories, collated a list of locations within and outside of school offering plant-based options and information regarding the benefits of flexitarianism. On the Green Council instagram page @hc_green, the members uploaded an information series on flexitarianism and launched a social media challenge incentivising students to reduce meats in their diets.