“That Thrift Shop” and Pass It On

That Thrift Shop


When? During major school events, such as Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF), Open House, and CCA Exhibition. We are working towards having a more permanent space to house the Thrift Shop!

Green Councillors also organise donation drives around the end of the year, Pass It On, where students can donate their items that may be used but still in good condition! Green Councillors pack and categorise the items that have been donated during the Nov-Dec school holidays.

Why?  The thrift shop aims to reduce the amount of waste generated by members of the school and the boarding school. It also aims to raise awareness and encourage students to engage in green habits. We also hope that That Thrift Shop will allow more interaction between the student body and Green Councillors, to improve mutual understanding and support.

How? Items sold in That Thrift Shop include stationery, books (assessment, fiction and non-fiction), uniforms, and many more! Prices are very affordable, between $0.50 to $10.00. Currently, all proceeds from That Thrift Shop go to the Hwa Chong Needy Pupils’ Fund.