New Cutlery Bank Title

Welcome to the Cutlery Bank site!

Many events in Hwa Chong require food catering, such as Faculty Outings or inter-school events and camps. However, most of these events make use of single-use plastics to package the food. This has resulted in the dual effects of increased plastic waste as well as reinforcing a mentality that prioritizes convenience.

With the Cutlery Bank, we aim to:

We are open and ready to serve you 🙂 All cutlery can be loaned from the Thrift Shop, located at the Inner Plaza. If you wish to loan a large quantity of cutlery, we recommend booking the cutlery beforehand on our online form.

What do we provide?

A plethora of cutlery for you or your organisation, including:


Deposit System for Loaning

30 pieces and below:

A $5 deposit to be paid, which will be returned to you upon confirmation that the cutlery has been washed and returned.


30 pieces or more: 

Deposit of $10 + n($2), where n is every additional 10 pieces.


There will be a fine for late returns at $0.20 per piece per late day.


Simply fill up the form to the left to book! (Requires Hwa Chong Email)

For hygiene purposes, please wash the cutlery before usage and after usage. Sponges and dishwashing liquid are available at the canteen sinks! 


Booking Form