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Clean and Green Week


Clean and Green Week 2016:


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Clean and Green Week 2017:

When? 17-21 April 2017

Why? Hwa Chong Green Council’s annual Clean and Green Week aims to promote Green Council and its activities to the school population and generate publicity for Green

Council’s events. During the week, events are held to remind the school population about the need to make a conscious effort in preserving the

environment and also to educate students about environmental issues.


We have a whole array of activities lined up for this year’s Clean and Green Week! Some of our activities include:

  • Go Green Day (13 April)
  • Cacti Sales (17-21 April, Canteen)
  • Photobooth (17-21 April, Inner Plaza)
  • Green Talks (20 April – C2s, 22 April – C1s)*
  • Movie Screening: * (21 April, Central Plaza, 7-9.15pm)

If you have any environmental activities that you would like to see us incorporate into this year’s Clean and Green Week, feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you!